Engineering a product is only the beginning of its lifecycle. Product release and change information maintained during the new product introduction, ramp to volume, volume production, and end of life must be made available to ensure everyone is working from the latest, accurate product definition.

Order Management and MRP

For most SME rolling out a full ERP system represents a significant investment in time and capital and many are put off by the scale of such. Pulse offers a feature rich Order Manager module that allows accurate stock control through creation and processing of Purchase Orders, Sales Order and Works Orders.

The Order Manager module can schedule work, accurately allocate stock and provide management with a host of information via intuitive dashboards. MRP reports can be run to assist staff plan and schedule orders.

Manufacturing Integration

If your business has an existing Order Management solution then Pulse can integrate with that system and push part and BoM data from Pulse to your ERP or MRP software.

Avoid time wasting and error prone rekeying of data from external CAD or Excel sheets into your stock control system. A number of out of the box integrations are available or custom integration can be carried out using your software’s API.

Nesting Integration

A number of integrations are available to various nesting software solutions that allow demand generated from the Pulse PLM Order Management module to be sent to the nesting software, allowing the nesting software to create automatic nests based on the current demand. Traditionally companies would have used fixed nests that would have resulted in inefficient use of material or cutting parts that would not be required immediately. The nesting integration allows you to cut only the parts you need based on demand.

Serial Number Management

The Serial Number Manager functionality of Pulse PLM manages and controls all the data relating to an individual product. A complete product structure can be issued to a serial number that contains a list of all the parts and assemblies used to manufacture that particular product.

This feature ensures full traceability for a product. Service Engineers or Customer Service Reps will be able to access a particular product’s exact Bill of Material and configuration after the product has been dispatched, to check on a product’s individual specification.

Quality & Inspection

Before a product leaves the factory you will wish to record and document all necessary information related to any quality testing you carry out on that product.

Via handheld devices you can record any PDI information and quality checks carried out on the product and these details are automatically associated to the Serial Number module to further build up the product history. Quality issues can be analysed and various reports can be extracted that will show trends where issues are most prevalent allowing manufacturers to take corrective action and improve quality.

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