Pulse PLM combines parts and bills of materials, CAD drawings and change management into one seamless chain and stores it centrally, accessible securely by the entire organisation. A central vault provides the security to protect your intellectual property.

Parts & Bills of Materials

The most important piece of information that an engineering division can give to the manufacturing team is an accurate bill of materials. Unless this information is timely, accurate and up-to-date then the other systems at work in the organisation are rendered virtually redundant.

Create bills of materials manually or automatically import existing models from an array of CAD applications. Once this vital part information has been defined, it is strictly revision controlled.

Document Management

For all projects, document management is an important enabler to improving communication, increasing productivity and preventing errors. Pulse PLM provides a simple, reliable, and complete electronic document management system that delivers the features you need most.

Your designers and the members of your extended enterprise will have access to all the company’s electronic documents, at any moment, and from anywhere. No worrying about having the correct version.

Change Management

Changes to product design occur frequently in engineering environments. Rapidly managing, communicating and incorporating change requests improves product manufacturability, reduces scrap and rework, and improves material and resource planning.

Enjoy the benefits of an automated and accountable solution which manages the review and authorisation process for the creation and revision of parts and documents.

CAD Integration

Our collaborative design integration solution transforms design data from various computer aided design systems.

Working from within the native CAD environment, authorised users are able to access a vault to retrieve files and assemblies. Strict controls prevent unauthorised or dual access of files, protecting the integrity of your intellectual property.

Multi Site Replication

You need to ensure that all team members are working on the correct and most up-to-date version of a file and this can be challenging when your operation has a global reach.

Pulse Replication software allows branch office users to access and share files from across the world at local network speeds. Its real-time multi-directional acceleration and mirroring technology ensures that the same data exists on all servers regardless of where changes occur.

Workbench Protection

Protect you important digital information from theft using Pulse Workbench Protection. All of your critical digital data can easily be transferred to pen drives, copied to external hard drives or other unsecured locations. Workbench Protection will prevent unauthorised copying of files keeping your digital data safe and protected and securing the investment in your products that you have spent years developing.